Project Description

The strategic management of an organization plans and controls long-term business objectives. Process management is one possible implementation of the corporate strategy, which leads to the requirement that BPM activities such as the design and analysis of current processes follow strategic objectives. Currently in research and business practice it remains unclear how business objectives should be taken into consideration systematically in a reproducible approach. After BPM activities have been undertaken, the strategic objectives as well as BPM actioins need to be cascaded to the operational organizational level and to the technical level.

Known ways of measuring company success include for example the interpretation of financial indicators, project status reports as well as generic process metrics. By realizing the transparent implementation, the BPTM framework will provide possibilities for the actual measurement of strategy achievement. The BPTM framework will be able to answer the key question of management: Is the long-term business strategy actually being deployed for the first time and implemented in the daily operting business practice?