Added Value

BPTM addresses two fundamental management challenges and research gaps. On the one hand, a framework supporting the strategy transfer to BPM as well as to involved employees and IT systems is developed. The BPTM framework supports a corporate approach which aligns the process resources as well as the organization as a whole comprehensively to the long-term strategy. On the other hand, the transparent controlling can answer the basic question of management, whether a strategy has been achieved. Using a generic and domain-independent approach, BPTM is particularly relevant in the context of change management for organizations and IT systems because it can trace and monitor necessary changes based on a changing company's strategy in a transparent way. Companies which are in a rapidly changing business environment have to regularly adapt business processes and thus organizational rules as well as supporting IT systems.

Lederer, M. (2013): Business Process Transparency Management: An Approach to Aligning Business Processes and Corporate Strategy. In: Nunes, M.B., Peng, G. C., Roth, J. (Eds.): Proceedings of the International Conference Information Systems Post-Implementation and Change Management 2013, Prague, IADIS, Lisbon, p. 55-60.